Imprint silicone bracelet

Name:Imprint silicone bracelet
material:100 silicone
Color:as customers requestion
Packing:large poly bag

  • Imprint silicone bracelet

Product Description

If you are looking for imprint silicone bracelet, then your best place to buy them from our stores. Just order for the type and size of wristbands you need and you will get value for your money. We are dedicated to ensure that our customers will always have a reason to come back and seek for our services once again.

Features of our imprint silicone bracelet

A glowing effect has been added on to our products so as to make them more attractive to the eye. Remember you need to attract the attention of others for them to read the personalized information

Specialized glowing effect has also been added to most of our products. This is also to attract the audience.

Segment or swirl colors have also been added to the rubber bands we have. You have a wide option of style and color to choose from

Customized or rather personalized silkscreen designs have also been added to the inside of a good number of our products.

We have in store even the most complicated models and designs of amazing wristbands for you to choose from.

We also have in store embossed messages or screen printed information on the inner side of our rubber bands.

Variety of items

We store a variety of items for a wide range of purposes. For instance, or imprint silicone bracelet can be used for: gifts and gift items, promotional items, just for adornment etc. there is also a wide option of sizes within our stores which include: ¼”-thin, 0.5”-standard, 1”-extra wide, i1” wide- slap bands, 0.5” –adjustable snap bands, 0.5”- key chains, 0.25” thin- silicone rings as well as 0.5” –silicone rings. In a nutshell, all these are non allergenic, durable, high quality industrial standard bracelets which are essentially the perfect choice for anyone.


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