hard enamel pin

Name:hard enamel pin
Process:hard enamel
Size:as customers requirement
Color:any pantone color/glow in the dark/glitter
Attachment:butterfly clutch
Metal color:Gold/silver/rose gold/black nickel

  • hard enamel pin

Product Description

The modern work is not restricted to use jewelry consisting of pure gold, silver, diamond, zinc but the fashion industry has added much other options. The traditional jewelry remains in the same design and shape that you once chose and ordered but it is not still in case of our hard enamel pin. Yes, the boarders of your jewelry, chains, rings may consist of any natural jewelry matter like gold, silver, etc but the printed enamel pins are attached to their top center. The colorful enamel provides brighter look to your jewelry and touches to every eye. So, you look unique among thousands.


What is hard enamel pin?

This is an art of paint on metals and glass work. It was used once in the ancient times of Egypt during times of Pharaoh and has gained much popularity these days. The modern generation wants to wear new and unique jewelry. Our best collection of cloisonné pins, cloisonné lapel pins and cloisonné enamel jewelry has no match. You can judge our claim once you order us for your favorite cloisonné jewelry.


Our experts have handy experience to use such paints beautifully on the lapel pins and provide you the high quality cloisonné jewelry and other forms of lapel pins. You can now wear your ring, chain, necklace, ear pins with style. These pins are highly customized and you can order us for your favorite design. We will shape your dreams to reality. These are highly recommended for gifting purpose to friends and family members. The use of enamel and paint is so smooth that you will never come to know whether it is paint or printed material. The borders of jewelry products are also smoothly shaped to give brighter look.


So, place your order to us for cloisonné products and live life innovatively. 

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